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progettoOur design department is responsible for developing, processing technical plans, easement acquisition, licensing and design of power lines in medium and low voltage, aimed at the plant connection to the existing power grid. The organization is also able to coordinate case management, from development to obtaining the tariffs.


The design and construction of a photovoltaic or wind power plant should be carried out through strict implementation phases and qualitatively adequate and properly installed components. Also proper integration is essential to minimize the risk of unexpected costs and events that may adversely affect the return on your investment.

For this reason it is essential to contact qualified and skilled installers, able to ensure that the realization of the implant.

The entire system implementation process should ensure the best quality and accuracy at all stages of the process: site survey, feasibility study, design and choice of components, installation, paperwork management, financing, insurance, maintenance. This will provide maximum returns and minimum risks.

The professionalism and experience enables Consorzio Prometeo to offer to operators of Energy a wide range of services relating to the distribution of electricity at high, medium and low voltage. Design and construction of overhead and underground lines and primary and secondary rooms. Construction of photovoltaic and wind power with turnkey system

Consorzio Prometeo is responsible for construction and maintenanceof networks pipelines for the transportation of natural gas,
cabinets,plants derived from user charges and emergency management.

With high professionalism that have always characterized Consorzio Prometeo, it’s developed a specific know how for the realization of fixed networks and mobile telecommunications networks.

Consorzio Stabile Prometeo Srl offers:

Long-distance transport networks

Junction Networks and metropolitan optical image

Access networks in copper, fiber optic and HFC

Fixed Networks:

  • Fixed networks: HFC networks installation, supply and installation equipment for CATV networks.
  • Access networks: providing installation of access networks in copper, fiber optic delivery and instllation of SDH transmission equipment, supply and installation equipment ADSL and HDSL.
  • Junction networks: supply and installation of networks of splicing fiber optic testing fiber optic networks, supply and installation of SDH transport networks.
  • Transmission and switching system: supply and installation of Digital cross Connect, supply and istallation of ATM switching system.

Mobile Telecommunication Networks:

  • Radio Planning: planning of mobile radio networks.
  • Site Acquisition : Research and identification of sites for radio base stations with the next design rule and request permission institutions.
  • Site Construction : final design of the site, construction and building technological system.
  • Implementation Site : installing antennas, cable installation and commissioning of equipment for mobile stations.
  • Water quality measures.
  • Works management.

For each type, the Consorzio Prometeo makes:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning and Network Design
  • Project management
  • Construction (permits required, civil works, supply and installation of cables, accessories central structures, apparatus and systems technology)

  • Testing and activation of equipment
  • Services related to management and maintenance
  • Training

Our Standards

Consorzio Prometeo is a global  consultant: a logic of integration between the product and the quality of the service, gives each customer his full assistance.

The company was thus able to operate on all supplies with the most common technology standards and solutions for each specific activity

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